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HVAV, Professional Services for Contractors

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USA and Canada


I consider it a privilege to coach and support those in our industry who are motivated to create the best, customer-driven, culture and environment for success in their business.

With 45 years of learning things the hard way, it is very rewarding to work with those motivated individuals who understand that training and coaching is a short-cut to success and an investment that has an immediate return.

While I continue to consult, train and coach, I have invested a significant amount of my energies over the past two years in developing a new residential IAQ product, with truly evolutionary technology and effectiveness.

Our two-step distribution sales model ensures the HVAC industry will have exclusive access to the installed market and we are partnering with the best Distributors and Contractors in the country to grow this business.

IAQ is now a daily part of our lives. With every breath we affect our health. We, our industry, can provide the best possible, the most complete, solution to IAQ-related problems. Our customers trust you, as their chosen service-provider, to inform them about products and services that can help them have a safer, cleaner and healthier environment, for themselves and for their families.

Don’t let them down.