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Experienced HVAC and IAQ industry professional, leader and manager.

Founder and managing director of KGG Consulting, the only nationwide rep network team. We specialize in air distribution, HVAC and indoor air quality sales, products and services. I am proud to be the founder of our one-of-a-kind business model. At KGG, we’ve perfected the complex sales/distributor/rep process by offering sales, training and marketing services in one. I work on a daily basis with rep agencies, distributors and manufacturers alike, as well as with KGG employees.

I am motivated by KGG’s customer-comes-first mentality, our ever-growing efforts in the HVAC and IAQ industries and getting to manage a team of dedicated professionals who love their jobs.

I am personally passionate about shifting the indoor air quality and HVAC world from a perspective of comfort and energy-savings to the ever-important health and wellness aspect. I truly believe in the possibilities of using HVAC and IAQ products and control options that provide healthier, cleaner indoor air.