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Marketing Automation Strategies to drive New Leads, Opportunities, Upsells and Referrals – CI Web Group

Garima Yadav November 29, 2020

HVAC Marketing Automation Strategies for Johnstone Supply Dealers

There are so many tools that you can make use of nowadays to automate your marketing and increase your sales. It is time to make yourselves aware and take the leap towards a change that will grow your business faster. Automation used in this way can assist you with compressing time while still achieving results. Dealers who are leveraging these automated marketing strategies are reaching two to four times the sales of those who aren’t.

It Begins

When you start a business there are certain questions you need to take into consideration.  Are you an option on page one of Google? The answer is either yes or no. Objectively speaking, the majority of your customers make use of Google to find solutions to their problems so this is really where you need to be visible for what they are seeking. You need to ensure that every service you offer across all your service areas will be revealed to them with a matching search term. 

Secondly, you need to identify the answer to whether you were seen or not. What were the total impressions and how many people saw your listing on any given search term (i.e. specific service or product). This number will change according to the search term used. An important portion of your marketing will rely on whether those who saw your company on the organic searches actually clicked through to your site. How many bounced within a few minutes? And finally how many of those that didn’t bounce actually converted?

Automate Your Way To Success

The Fast Track Program is the easiest way to ensure you have a current, sophisticated, professionally designed, developed and functional website for absolutely no cost to you at all. This program forces you to make use of content and SEO to grow. The website is refreshed every two years. Your investment goes towards content and SEO.

An online scheduling system allows customers to schedule an appointment, sales appointment or service with you online at their own time and convenience. Customers can connect with you right out of the gate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is less likely they will go elsewhere once they have made an appointment with you.

AI chatbots allow you to keep your business “open” all day, every day regardless of whether or not you are available in person or not. This chatbot works while you can’t. You are always available. You are able to generate leads in this way. The system works for you while you are busy working on other areas of your business or taking a much needed break.

Live chats are those managed by human beings. The smaller your company, the less resources you have and the better it is to make use of a solution such as an AI chatbot. The bigger your company is the more resources. This is where a live chat may be used. There are pros and cons for both chat functions. 

E-commerce is a platform where you can list your products. It allows you to easily convert sales in this way. Customers can shop right off the platform, pay and arrange shipping. This kind of platform can also allow customers to undertake some price shopping, request more information or a site visit. Meet the customers where they are. 

Text message is how many people choose to communicate in this day and age. A text messaging system allows you to send multiple text messages at one time. The messages back and forth are easily available for review. You are able to request payments and even Google reviews directly from the site. This is a wonderful day to boost promotions and specials or any additions to the services that you offer. 

Make use of tools that show appreciation to your customers for their support. Cards, birthday gifts and the like can easily be sent out automatically when using tools that work for you.

Now is the time to work smarter rather than harder.