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Digital and Brand Transformation Webinar | Goodman | 4-8-2021

Garima Yadav April 8, 2021

This webinar and the workshop that follows are a good opportunity to find out what it means to have a branding expert and a marketing and lead gen team working together. You’ll learn what it looks like when you’re adopting both strategies at the same time. 

We call this a C.A.M.P. Strategy, and a Camp Strategy is when you have complete clarity so that you can focus, and it’s when you focus on the right activities that you can execute to win.

Achieve Accelerated Results

  • Clarity: Without clarity, you can not focus.
  • Focus: Without focus, you can not execute.
  • Execution: If you don’t execute, you can not win.

When you operate using a Camp Strategy, you’ll be on FIRE!!!!!

  • C – Conversion & Communication
  • A – Appreciation & Admiration
  • M – Marketing & Mass Lead Gen
  • P – Production & Perfection

This webinar will help you focus on how to acquire, retain, and reward your customers. 

Acquire, Retain, & Reward

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound advertising
  • Customer Appreciation, Loyalty, and Referral Generation

Be Strategic

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Lead Conversion
  • Lead Generation
  • List Building
  • Top Of Mind Marketing

We’re going to discuss four main categories in this presentation. 

  • Digital Transformation: Creating a digital-first mindset.
  • Branding Strategies: Your customer. Your brand.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Meet customers where they are.
  • Conversions & Reputation: Convert suspects to raving fans.

Think about the customer journey & experience before, during, and after.

The customer journey starts before they meet you, with the problem. And when a customer has a problem, they either look for a referral or Google it. When they do the latter, then a giant drawer will open up. If you have all of those products and services on your website, your store, then you have a chance. If your store is properly marketed, one of those pages containing one of the products or solution, which is an answer to what they are looking for, shows up in the top 10 results for that search. 

When that happens, you become an option. But if you’re not one of the top ten results in the drawer, then you’re not an option for that search. That means there’s no customer experience. What do you have that will make them visit your website? And while they’re there, does your website get them to convert? 

Are You An Option?

Step 1: Are you an option? (customer searches)

Step 2: Were you seen? (impressions)

Step 3: Were they interested? (Click Thru Rate [CTR])

Step 4: Not what they were looking for? (Bounce Rate)

Step 5: They want to do business. (Conversion Rate)

Step 6: Ready to do business (A Customer!)

To start the pipeline, the process is relatively simple. It involves;

  1. What Do You Want To Sell?: What services or products do you want to sell?  
  2. Where Do You Want To Sell It?: Which city do you want to serve? 
  3. Who’s Searching For It?: Who’s searching and how frequently? 
  4. Are You An Option?: Are you an option on page one of Google when they’re looking? 
  5. Do You Look And Sound The Best When They Get There?: Does your website look professional? Does it look like it has a message to market?
  6. Website Conversions: Is it easy for consumers to convert and do business with you? 
  7. CSR & Sales/Tech Conversions: What is the experience with your CSRs?   
  8. Maintenance Plan: Do you provide them with the maintenance and ongoing services that they prefer? 
  9. Reviews Reviewed: What is your process for acquiring a positive review?  
  10. Referrals Received: What is your process for staying in contact with those customers and continuing to receive referrals? 

Can You Answer This Question?

Can you look at your company, services, or your product (heating, cooling systems, maintenance, or sales) and say, we’re the only player in this category (comfort, safety, post-service follow up) that provides this unique product or service, discipline, or customer care model? Are you able to identify one or two things that only you do? 

The best brands in any sector are always trying to find that clear channel that they can own. They’re trying to find that one thing that allows them to answer the consumer question, “why should I spend my hard-earned money with you rather than a low-cost competitor?” The answer to that question is the silver bullet to branding. 

Where Consumers Search And Convert

Take advantage of the tools available

  • Search Engine
  • Social Media
  • Local Directories
  • Website

How Consumers Communicate

  • eMail
  • Text
  • Calls
  • Forms
  • Chat
  • Book

Now is the time to test your communication vehicles before summer, when your volumes will be through the roof. Can they email, text, or call you? And how quickly do you respond? Do you have a page service? Do you allow consumers to chat with you? When do all these things take place? What happens at 05:35 pm? Do you let them book online? 

How Consumers Shop

  • Invoicing 
  • Subscribe 
  • Shop 
  • Pay 
  • Price 

How does it feel if they need to pay their bill, get pricing online, look at your promotions, or shop online? 

The Experience Economy “the sweet spot.” 

  • Educational Experiences: Those in which the customer is a “student” while the retailer provides zero relevant education regarding products, goods, and services.
  • Entertaining Experiences: Those in which the customer is engaged in the process, participates during the engagement and has a good time. 
  • Esthetic Experiences: Those in which the customer is immersed into the experience based on the company’s answer to the question; “How do I want my customers to feel?”
  • Escapist Experiences: Those in which the customer understands that the experience will result in freedom, alleviation, relief from identified problems.

The sweet spot is when your experience turns into a product. 

Why Choose Us? 

When a customer starts with us, they have to fill an onboarding form which includes the following questions;

  1. What Motivates Them?
  2. Who are They?
  3. Who are We?
  4. What is Unique about us?
  5. What are their other choices?
  6. What do they offer we don’t? 

Ultimately, who are we and what is unique about us becomes a financial imperative, which you need to amplify. You need to know what you stand for as an HVAC business.

Consider the Composition

Here you learn who you are, where you play, how you want to be known, what you stand for in your current marketplace, and what products and services best communicate that. 

  1. (1) What does your competitive environment look like? 

(2) In the last three years, what have your rivals done? 

(3) In the same period, what have you done to them?

(4) How might they attack you?

(5) What are your plans to leapfrog them?

  1. * Products or services they provide

* Pricing

* Devices used to enhance customer loyalty

* Brands and accessory brands

* Innovative models or methods

* Caliber of staff

* Technology integration or usage

* Media activities

* Types of customers they are targeting

Customer VOC

Digital Transformation

Essentially changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform business services through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology. 

A “digital-first Culture”

At some point, you need to come up with a digital-first culture. That means you should figure out the technologies you can implement to reduce the workload and human exposures to errors, omissions, slowness, and other things that frustrate consumers. 

New product adoption, new technology adoption. First to adopt.

This means – making decisions based on data analysis, understanding how to harness information, technology, and data as a product, not just physical assets, rapid iteration, acceptance of failure as a means for progress, and developing a philosophy that is both pliable and nimble.

In the end, your company has developed new ways to go to market, resulting in new offerings and even new business models.

You should have a digital-first culture because this will allow you to be the first to offer HVAC financing to consumers, first to pivot during the pandemic, first to begin selling online, and first to flat-rate pricing. You should be first to online scheduling, first to selling high efficiency, first to digital invoicing, automate sending gifts to customers and implement AI lead follow-ups. 

What other firsts do you believe the Digital First Dealers adopted? The majority of our dealers had the best year ever in the last year. 

Demographics should not be an excuse to prevent automation. 

The Components Of A Successful DX

When you’re thinking about a successful digital transformation process, you have to think about the following;

  • The Customer – Engage your customers.
  • The Business – Optimize ops and marketing.
  • The People – Empower your people.
  • The Technology: Transform and automate.

All of these will show up in your lead conversion, advertising, marketing, and retention and referrals. The tiny little things that you do differently will set you apart. 

Create Customer For Life

Email. Text. Call

  • Mail
  • Love
  • Remind
  • Entertain
  • Engage
  • Reward

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