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HVAC E-commerce – Sell More Systems, Products and Accessories

Joseph Vitalis December 20, 2020

HVAC E-commerce – Sell More Systems, Products and Accessories

E-Commerce stores are the new brick and mortar. Customers are moving towards finding solutions and products online at their own convenience and with as little work as possible. 

When a customer wants something or has a problem, they use Google. Make sure that you are an option when they are searching and ensure that your store is filled with relevant products or services. An empty store will not sell as there isn’t anything to sell.

Digital Transactions Covered By E-Commerce


Most of the HVAC companies we represent don’t just sell services, but they also offer products associated with HVAC equipment. An e-commerce store through CI Web Group provides your customers with the ability to search according to brand, size, quantity, frequency and so much more. The option to autodeliver filters in regular intervals allows your customer to select when they require a product that is used regularly to be shipped to them without having to complete the transaction each month. 

Offering percentage discounts on orders like these encourages such sales. Packaging and shipping is not something that you have to be concerned with, this is done directly from the supplier and what’s more is that the customer does not pay for shipping either. This part of the e-commerce system is not going to cost you any additional fee. This is recurring income that is within your grasp.


Maintenance agreements are services that could also amount to recurring income. Customers can sign up for a maintenance agreement once, which will ensure that you come out at the right time and carry out the routine, required maintenance. This is charged to your account automatically each month or at periods agreed to by the customer. This is something they can take care of once off. Another thing is they don’t have to worry each and every month, but they also don’t have to worry their HVAC system is going to be left without maintenance and ultimately failing when they need it most. Now is the time to make it easy for customers to spend money with you on things that they need to have done.

New Systems

New systems are an investment into your customers’ homes. They are relatively costly and something they want to ensure is the correct choice before purchasing. Make it easy with a questionnaire aimed at qualifying and quantifying the needs of your customer, book a home visit to ensure that the correct system is priced, allow the customer to complete the purchase online and carry out the installation. 

The questionnaire prompts the system to bring up relevant options according to what they have inputted. This is often used as a lead generation tool. How the prices are shown to the customer at this point is really up to what you prefer. 

Finance options are vital to boosting sales. Allowing your customers to search, shop and apply for finance online for any particular system puts them in the driving seat while giving you a chance to collect the lead. 

This is the digital age and if you want to progress you need to meet the customer where they are. Make yourself an option online and ensure that you appear in their searches for any service you offer in the areas you want to dominate. Offering products opens up an avenue that would otherwise not benefit you. Searching, selecting, purchasing and paying online is the name of the game these days. 

Easy and convenient, just what the customer ordered.