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Do the Right Things, in the Right Order, at the Right Time – Jennifer Bagley

Garima Yadav November 29, 2020

Johnstone Supply – Doing the Right Things in the Right Order at the Right Time

Consumer trends are heading more towards the online realm than ever before. You need to adjust if you are to succeed. Now is the time to identify what is actually holding you back, and separate that from what you think is holding you back (that may not ultimately be the old, hard truth).

The good news? When you’ve got the right knowledge it all suddenly becomes crystal clear and the path reveals yourself to you. It’s almost like magic. That’s why knowledge sells after all.

12 Step Road Map

Part of the 12 Step Road Map is understanding how each of the steps is reliant on the previous one. Once you grasp this concept you will understand why it is so important to do the right things in the right order and at the right time. Skipping any one step or changing the order of the steps will negatively affect your growth and success. Investing in steps and disregarding others is throwing money into something that isn’t going to benefit your business. 


There are typically four different mindsets and each of these will affect how you approach your business and your success. The first mindset is one where the focus lies on problems. Whether the problems be regarding the economy, the political climate or lack of funds, the focus is on problems rather than solutions. A mindset such as this leads to a lack of growth and evolution. 

The “fixed mindset” folks are stuck in their ways. They are not open to change but rather stick to the path they’ve always been following (or that of the majority), but not necessarily a path that leads to growth and success. This may not mean that they aren’t aware of what needs to be done, they just aren’t prepared to take the leap. They are stuck in a no-growth plan.

People with a growth mindset are those who are proactive and active in their business. They are open to new things and are always asking questions.

Those with the innovative mindset go for the win. They take advantage of opportunities and technologies that are available and leverage these while others are afraid to do so. This is a mindset that can only lead to growth and success. They take the opportunity to make their business stand out from the rest. They are not afraid of the competition. 

In order to learn more you need to stop acting like you know everything but rather pretend like you know nothing. 

Build Your Strategy

The strategy that will help you acquire more time, more money and more freedom is often referred to as MOLO – More of, less of. More time, more money and more freedom is in essence what every entrepreneur seeks when starting on this journey. 

It is vital to do more of what is working, less of what isn’t working and most importantly, prioritize what is next. That question should always be at the forefront of your mind. What is next?

Ask questions and get answers from the right people and you will almost always find what you seek. Change your strategies as the consumers change and meet them where they are. Give them an opportunity to reach you in the form that they want to, not how you want them to. Make sure that you are an option for what customers are searching for and the services you offer in all the areas that you offer them. 

Change Is Necessary

Now is the time to change thinking in order to change results. Increase your capacity to absorb new information and change according to consumer trends. In order to succeed you need to choose to intentionally alter your capacity and make changes. Desire, competence and capacity are three factors that can define your ability to succeed and excel. Without all three factors you will struggle to grow to where you want to be. 

To Believe or Not To Believe

Your beliefs may or may not serve you well. A belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it so. These blind spots could be hindering growth and progress. Beliefs are often ingrained in us from a young age and will be hard to erase, however, now is the time to wipe the slate clean and realize that what you have always believed may not actually be true. It is time to unlearn what you have been programmed to think. This is a new world, a new time, a new space and it requires new thinking now. Applying reason to what you believe doesn’t make it right. 

Real Change Now

Unconsciously unaware is the state where you don’t know what you don’t know. It is a state of ignorance. By being consciously unaware you know that you don’t know what you should know. Consciously aware is the state that you should strive for. This is when you know that there are things that you don’t know but you ask all the questions and make a move towards gaining that knowledge. 

Own It

In order to take advantage of all that is on offer you need complete accountability. Now is the time to take ownership of who you are, the choices you make, the decisions you select, the actions that you take and the results that you get. Only once you take full ownership and accountability for all of this will you be in a position to grow and create change. 

Change, truth, time and choice are the four constants in life. Truth is that which is in accordance with fact or reality. Time can’t be modified and you can’t get it back. Time is short and each moment is precious. Find ways to compress time effectively and open new doors. 

Build your strategy, spend your money on organic digital marketing strategies that work and create an environment where you achieve more time, more money and more freedom.