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Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Lead Generation

Garima Yadav April 5, 2021

Lead Generation 

How To Grow Your Business

Lead generation is an important concept. If you don’t have enough leads, you end up offering low prices, promotions, sales, and discounts. You end up charging way less, and your profitability is at risk. Not to mention having to deal with unhappy customers, and employees.

Lead generation has evolved because consumers have evolved. When a consumer has a problem, they Google it. The search might turn up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of results. Is your business or store showing up in that search? Do you show up for the product and services the consumer is searching for in the city that you’re willing to serve? 

Websites are like grocery shops. If you put up three products on the shelves of a grocery store, how much money can you make? The more pages you show up on Google for various solutions or keywords consumers are searching for, the greater your overall opportunity. 

The present consumer is a connected consumer who utilizes gadgets, virtually nonstop. She is used to having all services online, including making payments online. The HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industry is significantly behind in satisfying the modern consumer. 

This connected consumer requires a different strategy for marketing and advertising. The ideal strategy should include the following considerations (the lead generation funnel);

  1. What Do You Want To Sell? Even if you don’t sell a service, you can put it up on your website. So, when a customer asks for it, you can convince them to get something else, something better. 
  2. Where Do You Want To Sell It? In what city or town do you want to sell it? You have to be visible in the city where you’re doing business. That’s the geo-target. 
  3. Who’s Searching For It? Who’s looking and how frequently? 
  4. Are You An Option? Are you an option on the first page of Google when they’re looking? 
  5. Do You Look The Best When They Get There? Does your website look professional? Does it look like it has a message to market?
  6. Website Conversions: Do you give them the opportunity to convert based on the technology and the times they choose? Are we letting them shop, get a quote, subscribe, call, text, email, and so on? 
  7. CSR & Sales/Tech Conversions: How strong are they at converting? Are you answering lead requests quickly? What do you do after 5 pm and on weekends? Do you have AI? Do you have a team? How well does your customer support team answer the phone?  How well do your service technicians answer those calls, leads, social media chats? 
  8. Maintenance Plan: Are you taking a one-time customer and turning them into a loyal subscription? The goal of any business is to turn suspects into prospects. Then turn them into customers, and finally into a loyal fan, i.e., a revenue-generating subscription. 
  9. Reviews Reviewed: Are you getting amazing reviews? Do you have a review appreciation program? 
  10. Referrals Received: Are you rewarding referrals? What is your process for staying in touch with your return customers and continuing to generate new referrals? 

Below is the 12 Step Roadmap, a proven effective system that you should try out.

  1. Tech. Brand. Website.
  2. Content Writing
  3. Conversion Systems
  4. Local Marketing
  5. Reviews. PR Reputation
  6. Social Marketing
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Paid Advertising
  9. Content Marketing
  10. Print. Scan. Email. Text
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Mobile Application

Lead Conversion

If you treat customers like a transaction, that’s all they’ll be. You have to work smarter and not harder. One way to do that is through Leads Conversion. You need to be where leads convert. So, here are the top places where customers decide whether to contact you;

  1. Website/Domain  37.5%
  2. Landing pages
  3. Graphics design
  4. Promotional graphics
  5. Local listings  18.8%
  6. Social media sites  12.5%
  7. webForms  6.3%
  8. VOIP / Call tracking  6.3%
  9. Texting  6.3%
  10. Chat / AI chat  6.3%
  11. G Suites/Email
  12. VoIP/Call tracking


Marketing is the process of driving traffic to those conversion tools. It involves;

-SERP placement

-Web content (for consumers)

-SEO content By Service, By City, By Product, By Question

-Authority content (for conversions)



-Link building (Backlinking)

-Social marketing

-Local listings/Directory/Citations Marketing




If you’re not sitting on the first page of Google, never burn your money on advertising. If you’re in a smaller city, you stand a better chance of being on the first page of Google as an option for several phrases in one city. Advertising can be;

-Pay Per Click

-Display Ads

-Pay Per Lead

-Pay Per Impression


-Google Local Service Adds

-Amazon Ads

-Video Advertising

-Social Media Advertising

-Digital Radio Advertising






To join this Lead Generation program, contact CI Web Group by Texting ‘Leads’ to 877-839-1122.