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Dec 8

Marketing Automation Strategies to drive New Leads, Opportunities, Upsells and Referrals – CI Web Group

December 8, 2020 @ 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm CST

Virtual Event Virtual Event
Jennifer Bagley HVAC Marketing CI Web Group Johnstone Supply Bloomington

December 8, 2020 | 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm CST

Marketing Automation Strategies to drive New Leads, Opportunities, Up Sales, and Referrals



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Marketing Automation Strategies to drive New Leads, Opportunities, Up Sales, and Referrals

I know you’re busy, being busy… however, it’s time to pause and learn how to implement a couple of marketing automation systems that will drive new sales, improve top of mind awareness, build your reputation and help you acquire outstanding reviews. During this session, we will show you how to use 2 systems to implement the following – completely on autopilot! Learn how to make money, wow your customers, and build your brand while you sleep! Download the HVAC Marketing Guide
  1. Acquire Customer’s Email and Cell Phones (for email and SMS) – Just imagine 1 mailer campaign that allows you to collect your entire database email and cell phone numbers for future marketing – on AUTOPILOT!
  2. Tuneup and Maintenance reminders – Just imagine having all of your contacts notified twice a year that it’s time to schedule their tuneup (via mail, email, and SMS) – on AUTOPILOT!
  3. Meet your Technician’s via texts – Just imagine being able to send a gif with your techs picture and what to expect when you are on your way – on AUTOPILOT!
  4. Instant Virtual Appointments (WITHOUT A ZOOM!) – Just imagine being able to send a text for payment, and jump on a virtual service video appointment in seconds all from your phone app (make money from anywhere) – on AUTOPILOT!
  5. Referral Rewards – Just imagine all of your customers getting a branded gift every time a referral they send closes – on AUTOPILOT!
  6. Customer Appreciation – Just imagine all of your customers on maintenance agreements getting a birthday cake and card every year – on AUTOPILOT!
  7. Collect Payments via Text – Just imagine being able to collect payments via a text link in 10 seconds – – on AUTOPILOT!
  8. Get Reviews on Google via Text – Just imagine being able to collect reviews via SMS request – on AUTOPILOT!
  9. Hybrid Live Chat and/or AI Chat – Just imagine being able to convert new leads on Facebook and your website 24/7/365 with instant chat – on AUTOPILOT!
Times have changed and so should you! It’s time to work smarter not harder! It’s time to leverage technology to accelerate your results!”
Free HVAC Social Media Graphics | CI Web Group

Focused Thinking Produces
Extraordinary Results

It’s pretty safe to state that everyone wants better results in both their personal and professional lives. In order to achieve better results, though, you must eliminate the distractions that plague you daily and learn how to identify and focus on the things that really matter. If you can identify the activities in your day that will produce the greatest impact, and then find ways to concentrate on those activities most of the time, your results will be vastly superior.
Distractions are a natural occurrence in every person’s life. When something pops into our mind, our brain often wants to move in that direction. If we lack the discipline and focus to stop that process, distractions can rule our lives and consume our valuable time. No single skill or habit has a more powerful impact on results than the ability to eliminate distractions and focus on the High Leverage Activities (HLAs) that have the greatest potential to advance your strategic goals and objectives.
Jennifer Bagley - Do the Right Things, in the Right order, at the Right Time

Understanding Leverage

Every journey has its starting point, and your journey to your organizational or personal vision begins with: 1) clarity of what you want, and 2) understanding of time and leverage. We all have the same amount of time, and in essence, we can only find more time for one activity by taking it from some other activity. So how do you know how to budget your time? You use an “organizing principle” that assigns a value to time. I believe the single most powerful organizing principle is maximizing leverage by prioritizing action according to which actions are highly leveraged (produce extraordinary results faster) and which actions are low leverage.


Jennifer Bagley is an International Speaker, Growth Hacker, and the CEO of CI Web Group, Inc., our preferred digital marketing agency. Jennifer delivers powerful presentations that keep the audience fully engaged and motivated to take immediate action, focus on high leverage activities, and drive accelerated results. Jennifer and her worldwide team of digital marketing experts have helped thousands of Home Service Contractors grow their business and improve profits through effective marketing and operational strategies. CI Web Group has a proven track record of helping Home Service Contractors implement the right things, in the right order, at the right time – to significantly drive results, improve efficiencies, and increase profits!


12 Step Roadmap | CI Web Web Group | HVAC Web Design & Digital Marketing


December 8, 2020
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm CST
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Bloomington, MN United States